www.usgboral-apps.com is now https://apps-my.knaufapac.com

USGBoral is now part of Knauf.
www.usgboral-apps.com is now located at apps-my.knaufapac.com.

  • Your login will remain the same as before
  • All items has been transfered to the new location
  • Any old email links in your mailbox with the www.usgboral-apps.com link will be redirected automatically to the new location. In the event that it cannot redirected, you should replaced the www.usgboral-apps.com with apps-my.knaufapac.com in the link provided in the email
  • New emails sent out will have the new apps-my.knaufapac.com link
  • Please update any bookmark in your working PC to point to the new apps-my.knauf.com
  • This redirect website (www.usgboral-apps.com) will only work until Feb 2022

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